Happy 2019!

Staying fresh means a lot to Le Vespe. In addition to making additions to the menu and our new website, this is the second year we invite an artist to come up with the new ‘face’ of the cafe.

Le Vespe is pleased to release it’s 2019 design for our coffee mug and business card. Thanks to peruvian artist Bradipo. Last years mug was designed by Canadian tattoo artist Paul Thomas Williams.

Both mugs are for sale at Le Vespe for 10 euro.

Le Vespe Cafe has made several New Year resolutions, including our commitment to keep our waters clean by switching to compostable takeout containers and paper straws.

Photo of Wami bottle

In addition to offering free filtered water to our in-house diners, we are thrilled to supply bottled water from the Wami, Water With A Mission Project. A Milan based initiative – WAMI donates 100 liters of safe and drinkable water worldwide thanks to the collaboration with the ONG Lifewater International and Fondazione ACRA.

To this day WAMI has delivered 70 million liters of water to more than 2.000 people in three different projects: in Ilu Dhina, Ethiopia, an aqueduct in Eguilaye and a water supply connection in Niassarang, Senegal.

To learn more about the project go to https://www.wa-mi.org/